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Entrust your cargo to our experts.
We advise – offer – be transported.

Heavy and oversize transport
Permits, escorts
Containers, trucks, delivery vans


TRANSPORT LOGISTIC, Ltd. is the company for the transportation and forwarding. It spezializes in the transportation of the heavy and oversize cargo, routes´survey and permits´ dealing with the implementation of the technical escorts.

It also provides the transportation of the goods in the containers, trucks and vans. All this within Europe itself and in the Czech Republic.

The specific market of the heavy and oversize cargo requires a team of experts. We use the long-standing experiences of our employees from the transport, shipping and fieldwork.

The classical transport of the goods in the containers, trucks and delivery vans illustrates the complexity of the company to satisfy the customers´ needs.

Using the system Altea Evolution we monitor online the traffic fleet.

Since its founding in 1991, the company behind is the work done for the domestic and foreign clients, and now age-old tradition on the transport market, supported by  own trademark.

Since 2005, we also hold Certificat of quality ISO 9001:2011.

Our company is a member of the following associations:

  • The Union of Forwarding and Logistics of the Czech Republic
  • The Association of Motor Carriers ČESMAD Bohemia
  • The Association of Carriers of Heavy and Oversize Loads in the Czech Republic

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